Weider bcaa 8 1 1+Glutamine 500 G
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Weider bcaa 8 1 1+Glutamine 500 G

Weider's BCAA 8:1:1 + L-Glutamine, is the new recovery formula developed by Weider, based on amino acids and glutamine.

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After intense investigation, and after reviewing numerous studies, Weider has developed BCAA 8:1:1 + Glutamine which is the best formula for building muscle mass. Regardless of the sport you play.

The formula of BCAA 8:1:1 + L-Glutamine is:
BCAAs: these are the essential and branched amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in a proportion between them of 8:1:1 respectively. They have recuperative and also energetic properties. According to the latest studies, leucine initiates the process of protein synthesis, but must be accompanied by isoleucine and valine in order to complete it. Therefore, this new ratio between them of 8:1:1, which gives more importance to leucine, the most important of the three.
L-Glutamine: it is a semi-essential amino acid and the most abundant in the body, essential to protect and repair muscle tissue. It helps the recovery of the muscular fiber (because it favors the synthesis of proteins) as well as the glycogen depleted during the training. It also increases and improves the function of the immune system and has antioxidant effects.
Vitamin B6: very important because it has many functions, one of the fundamental ones is that of contributing to the correct metabolism of proteins and glycogen, hence its vital importance in the processes of muscle recovery.

After training, because it accelerates the recovery of muscle damage produced by intense training both aerobic as anaerobic.
Before training, it protects the muscle mass because these four amino acids are able to enter the energy cycles providing energy, so we can use it as anti-catabolic and protectors of the muscle mass if we take it before and during training. It avoids the use of muscle glycogen and therefore delays fatigue. This fact is fundamental in periods of strict diet or definition.
As a recuperator, take one dose after training.

Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 dose (10g) dissolved in 250ml of water. As an energy and/or protective supplement, take one dose before training. In phases of maximum training or strict diet, take one dose before and one after training.
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