WEIDER Pro Whey Complex 2kg
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WEIDER Pro Whey Complex 2kg

Combination of milk protein with more meat protein with an extra supply of: Creatine, Glutamine, MCTs and Vitamin B6.

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The new Pro Whey Complex of Victory has been manufactured mixing the best sources of milk proteins (whey concentrates and derivatives and micellar casein) with one of the proteins of greatest biological value, the meat protein. In this way its funtionality is total, being able to take it at breakfast, between meal times and, as always, after training. It is a natural source of essential amino acids, which provides more than 21.5% of BCAAs.

WHY CHOOSE Pro Whey Complex?

Because its UNIQUE formula contains other ingredients that complement the recuperative action of proteins and maximize muscle growth.

With L-Glutamine: which optimizes muscle and energy recovery, helping cell volumization and encouraging protein synthesis.
With MCTs: or Medium Chain Triglycerides, which provide energy in phases of strict dieting and also improve recovery after training when taken with serum protein.
With Creatine: improves physical performance during short bursts of high intensity exercise. Increases cellular volumization and accelerates recovery to induce protein synthesis.
With Vitamin B6: which contributes to the normal metabolism of proteins and glucogen. It also helps to regulate hormonal activity, thus promoting muscle growth.
With Bromelain: this enzyme helps to digest proteins, so that you can have the amino acids necessary for muscle growth more quickly, especially during the post-workout intake.

With Pro Whey Complex from Victory you will obtain the desired results at the best price and with the best efficiency, since with a single product you will be able to increase or maintain the muscle mass both in periods of volume and in periods of definition, since you can take it after training and/or during meals.


Take 30 g. (2 sachets) dissolved in 250 - 300 ml. of water or semi-skimmed milk.

 Recommendation: As a recuperator take one dose after training. In phases of maximum training and/or strict diet take another dose between meals or 1h - 45 minutes before training.

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