Azott's reward program

Before exploring the amazing opportunities that Azott can offers to you to win rewards and prizes, let us first introduce the Azott Marketplace!!

Azott is an Algerian online marketplace where high quality products are sold from diverse categories with reasonable prices by Algerian sellers. The marketplace has an exciting rewards program that offers you the chance to win a lot of prizes. In order to win those prizes, the only thing you have to do is collect points.

1- Share a link on social media: This is a very easy task that only requires you to share Azott’s link on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter. This simple task will win you 130 points that you could later on redeem to an actual prize.

2- Follow us on social media: By following our official page on Instagram, Facebook or any other platform, you will win 200 points that will be added to your wallet.

3- Create an Account: In order to win another 70 points, all of what you have to do is open an account on our website. The process is very easy, short and it would only take few seconds of your time.

4- Refer a Friend: When you send your referral code to a friend or a relative of yours and he make an order, the system will automatically add 250 points to your wallet that could be later on redeemed.

Those four simple steps will guarantee easy made points that are collected and redeemed in order for you to win actual prizes.

5- Make an order: for every order you make you can get 500 points

These prizes involve:

1- Percentage off a product you purchase on the website or the application of Azott.

2- An Amount Discount: Redeeming your points will offer you a specific amount of discount on any product you purchase on Azott.

3- Free Shipping of the products you purchased on Azott that will be delivered to your home for free.

4- Free Products: You will have access to the list of free products on Azott, from which you can choose whatever you like and it will be for free.

5- Access Early Offers and Discounts: You will have a special and first line access to the early discounts the site offers and you will be one of the few people who could benefit from this exclusive opportunity.

6- Withdraw your points as money in case you do not want to buy any product from the website or have a discount, Azott offers you the chance to win actual money through redeeming your collected points.