Product return.

Purchases can be easily returned for a refund. Simply call us at 0982420171 or fill out the Return Merchandise Request by clicking on the following link when you call or receive a return request, we will set a date to receive the item from you or instruct you on the steps to take and refund the full amount. Simply register and pack the item as is until our representative checks the merchandise upon receipt or arrives at one of our locations via shipping companies to verify and refund you the amount.
Can the return of goods be refused?
Azott has a fair return policy that guarantees your rights and the rights of our sellers as well as the rights of our marketplace. Therefore, goods cannot be returned in the following cases
1- When you submit a request to return the item within 3 days after receiving the request.
2- When the item to be returned is not in the condition it was sent (used, damaged or deteriorated item is not accepted)
3-When the serial number is changed, the essential stickers of the product are removed or the packaging and accessories of the product are missing.
4-If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong, or if the contact information is wrong, or if the customer is unable to reach the customer.

What products cannot be returned?

All consumable goods and use by a person can not be returned, there are goods that can not be returned, such as
-Software and video games are not refundable
- Hygiene and sanitary tools, we do not accept the return of health and beauty products (razors, hair removal devices, oral care devices, etc.. They are also not exchangeable or refundable, except in the case of a manufacturing defect in the product within 48 hours of receiving the request.
- Specific products such as underwear, socks and clothing items that are taken free of charge at certain discounts cannot be returned.
- Cell phones, computers, gaming devices, software, music and books cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, except for a product defect or deficiency within 7 days of receipt of the order.
- Printers, fax machines, photocopiers, hardware and accessories cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, except for a defect or deficiency in the product within 7 days of receipt of the order.
Swimwear, underwear, socks, cosmetics and perfumes, except for a defect or deficiency in the product within 14 days of receipt of the order.
- Spare parts for cell phones, in case the customer service is not contacted within (48) hours and tell us the type of problem and how it occurs, and do not disassemble the stickers or violate the conditions of return.
Also, the express goods listed therein are not returnable within the specifications or conditions of purchase or within the purchase value, they can not be returned.

Who pays for the return shipping costs?

In case purchases are returned without any reason related to the quality of the product, but the customer has changed his/her mind about the purchase, the customer will bear the shipping costs and the cost of returning the product.
In case of product quality defect or receipt of the wrong product, the seller will bear the shipping costs of the returned goods with payment of the freight value at the time of purchase, as long as there is a difference, damage or deterioration of the ordered goods.
How can I return damaged items ... damaged etc ... ?
If you are also wondering how to get your money back, it is the same method of keeping the goods in the same condition as you received them and re-packaging them, then send a return request on the following link or on our official page on Facebook or call the customer service number 0982420171 and deliver it to the shipping office with the same packaging and after checking and making sure that the item does not meet the required specifications or has damages and defects. Your money will be paid, including the cost of shipping that you incurred at the time of purchase, without you having to bear the cost of return.

What do I do when I receive an item other than the one I ordered... ?

  This is a rare case, and we sincerely apologize, but you certainly have the right to ask for the return of the goods as soon as you receive them with a refund of the value paid, including the shipping costs at the time of purchase.
How can I stop the order... Is it possible to withdraw the purchase decision ... ?
If the shipment has not been shipped, you can simply contact us to cancel your order

Is it possible to exchange the returned goods ... ?

If there is an error, defect or fault and the above conditions are met, the customer has the right to exchange an item from the same store.
What are the conditions for returning clothes and accessories and how to return them?
During the specified period, which is 7 days, you can return the clothes and accessories, provided that they are in their original condition and packaging. They have not been used, provided that they are in their box without missing accessories, provided that the merchandise is not included in the products that cannot be returned in the specifications or in the sales invoice.
How should I pack the returned items in their original packaging and what is the original packaging ... ?
You must keep and pack the product as it was, using the same cover so that the packaging is not damaged or badly closed.

How long does it take to return the items ... ?

Within three to five days of requesting the return of the product, the freight representative will contact you to receive the products, and this time frame will be up to two weeks.

How do I contact the freight representative to return the item... ?

We coordinate with a shipping representative to receive the item to be returned from you so that the representative will call and schedule an appointment to receive the goods from you.
Can goods be returned after the time limit has expired?
You may file a complaint with the customer service team to review the request under consumer protection laws.

How do I get paid when I return goods?

You can get back the value you paid and the shipping value at the time of purchase if the conditions for returning goods are met. If you paid for the goods in cash, your money will be returned to you in cash. If you have paid for the goods by credit card or any other electronic payment method, the money will be returned to your account easily, depending on the bank that handles it.
We can also put the amount paid on your account on azott if you paid the amount in cash so that you can dispose of it as you wish by purchasing goods on the site or transferring it to your bank account as you wish.