Oral Care

Roha Arzneimittel GmbH Zirkulin Propolis Toothpaste, 50 ml
Zirkulin Propolis Toothpaste contains propolis, the high-quality protective resin of the bees. This has especially for the mouth and dental care important germ and anti-inflammatory properties. it cleans mildly, has an antibacterial effect and strengthens the gums. When brushing teeth, the fine-pored foam distributes the propolis active ingredients micro-fine on teeth and gums. This creates a new daily protection against periodontal disease, gum problems and bad breath. 
Biomed Propoline Toothpaste 75ml
Biomed Propylene natural toothpaste contains plantain, birch leaf and propolis extracts that help soothe the gums. Calcium hydroxyapatite strengthens and restores tooth enamel. Propolis extract provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and in combination with plantain and birch leaf extracts, prevents gum disease and tooth decay. Natural essential oils of manuka and thyme prevent gum inflammation. Lemon oil helps keep your gums healthy. No chalk to damage enamel.
Mouthwash perfect white black 500ml de beverly hills formula
sometimes brushing your teeth isn't enough to keep your breath fresh and your smile shiny. Complete your routine and care for your teeth by using berverly hills formula perfect white black mouthwash. With its activated charcoal formula, it helps you eliminate bad breath bacteria while keeping your teeth white. Day after day, your breath is fresher and your teeth, whiter.
Bleaching kit professional blanc de beverly hills formula
discover the professional white advanced 2-in-1 teeth whitening kit that includes our fast-whitening strips and pen formulated with hydrogen peroxide and a pap professional whitening ingredient for extra whitening power. This powerful formulation is also enhanced with silver for strong germ protection and anti-plaque action. This product is developed to achieve professional whitening results.
Denture bo with basket
description- indication:it has an easy-to-use lid and a removable basket with holes for easy use of the cleaning liquid the evening, place your dentures in the basket, then let soak in your cleaning liquid.very practical for transporting your dentures when traveling.
TRISA PRO CLEAN TIMER Electric Tooth Brush
the patented concave stroke of the brush bristles adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the teeth. Developed in collaboration with swiss professionals in preventive dentistry from university clinics.flexible brush head with cushioning elements to equalize pressure. Effective and gentle cleaning of teeth and gums.
SENSODYNE Sensitivity Treatment Toothpaste 75ml
sensodynesensitivity treatmentdesensitizing toothpasteacts deep down to soothe the pain75mlsensodyne sensitivity treatment toothpaste is a daily toothpaste that works deep down to relieve tooth sensitivity.It contains potassium nitrate to effectively relieve tooth sensitivity and sodium fluoride to effectively fight acid attacks and prevent the formation of caries external aggressions