Baby Care

Mustela gentle cleansing gel body and hair for baby 200ml
Mustela gentle cleansing gel for babies and children … mustela creates the gentle cleansing gel for infants and children’s hygiene with the aim of giving the skin the daily care it needs. This gel gently cleanses the skin and scalp, respecting its integrity and making it ideal for your baby. It does not dry out the skin and does not irritate. It can be used since the baby’s birth. Its neutral ph, rich ingredients and vitamin b5 contribute to a gentle, moisturizing and protective cleansing action. Mustela gentle cleansing gel moisturizes, soothes and compensates for the water’s desiccant effect.
Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Body Lotion 200ml
Es to improve the appearance and sensations of tingling and tightness associated with very sensitive skin naturalness: • avocado perseose®, patented natural ingredient:protects the skin barrier, moisturizes, and preserves the skin’s cellular richness • schizandra:a berry extract that soothes tingling and tightness 97% ingredients of natural origin* *formulated to minimize the risk of allergic r
Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 50ml
Mustela bébé diaper cream 1.2.3 Is a diaper product famous for its effectiveness and its 98% natural composition. This soothing and protective cream calms redness and irritation while preventing their appearance. It preserves the softness of the baby's seat skin.Red buttocks, irritations ... Preserve the softness of baby's buttocks
Mustela HYDRA BEBE Face Cream With Avocado 40ml
Mustela hydra bébé face cream moisturizes and protectsfrom birth normal skin40mlhydra baby face moisturizer, from birth quickly hydrates the baby's epidermis and strengthens its skin barrier. Her skin becomes soft, supple and silky.Hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological control, it preserves the cellular capital of the skin.Usage tips
Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 100ml
Mustela baby 1 2 3 vitamin barrier cream provides comprehensive care to the baby's delicate diaper area. It prevents redness and irritation with each diaper change, soothes from the first application, and continually regenerates the baby's fragile skin. The unique combination of patented, natural ingredients guarantees this triple effectiveness:avocado perseose hydrates the skin, alcacea oxeoline reduces inflammation, and sunflower oil distillate soothes the skin. Practical to apply and wipe off, this cream can be spread easily onto the baby's diaper area, for quick and easy changes.
Mustela Gentle Soap For Dry Skin 100g
Mustela gentle soap with cold cream for dry skin is a gentle soap rich in moisturizing and also nourishing ingredients. It contains avocado perseose®, a patented natural active, that has the ability to reinforce the skin barrier and preserve the cellular richness of the skin. Contains ceramides, which can deeply nourish the skin and help repair and reinforce the natural skin barrier, protecting the skin from external aggressors. And is also rich in glycerin, which helps keep the skin hydrated and also shielded from environmental sources of irritation. Suitable for both face and body it is able to delicately cleanse the baby's skin while nourishing. Compensating for the drying effects of the bath it leaves the skin pleasantly soft and supple.
Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel 200ml
Thanks to its highly tolerant formula made up of 90% ingredients of natural origin, mustela's gentle cleansing gel ensures gentle cleansing. Enriched with extracts of avocado perseose, this care product nourishes and preserves the skin cells by creating a protective barrier.
KLORANE Baby Cleansing Milk 500ml
Descriptionklorane baby cleansing milk without rinsingfrom birth, infants and babies, face, hands and seatnormal to dry skinno-rinse cleansing milk with calendula, soothing obtained from flowers from organic farming.Enriched with vegetable oil, its formula with 97% of ingredients of natural origin, with a tender and relaxing scent, gently cleanses and nourishes normal to dry skin.
Mustela Cleansing milk With Avocado 200ml
The cleansing milk without rinsing with the organic avocado cleans gently the face and the buttocks of the babies from the birth, or the children. It eliminates effectively the impurities, supports the hydration and leaves the soft and flexible skin. Its high tolerance formula is composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin.