Professional Makeup

Nascita professional MAKE-UP BRUSH SET
Blush and Powder Brush:It is used for powder powder and blush application. Thanks to its flat bristle structure, it helps you to apply make-up products easily and evenly to your skin. Concealer Brush:It is used to apply liquid-based concealer and foundation products to many areas of the face. It is ideal for minimizing redness, spots and color inequalities in the under eye and face area. Applicator:It is used to apply powder and pressed eyeshadow products to the eye sockets, under eye areas and under the eyes. Eyebrow Comb:It is used to shape the eyebrows. Lip Brush:Used for controlled lipstick application and contouring of the lips.
NASCITA BRUSH MAKE UP ADDICT EYE SET 3Make-up Addict-Eye Brush Set Number 3 consists of 5 different brushes for professional make-up application and is sold in a specially designed box.Make-up Addict-Eye Brush Set Number 3, brushes with high quality synthetic bristle structure are soft brushes suitable for sensitive skin.
Nascita Bronzy Perforated Foundation Brush 0231
nascita bronzy glow professional perforated foundation brush nasbrush0231 with its 60000 micro-fine soft bristles on the brush head and a perforated middle part, it allows you to easily apply liquid foundation, make-up base, cc/bb creams to your skin. You can get a smooth finish by gently mixing your product with circular movements with the help of a brush. You can use the product by tilting the iccedin brush to apply the product to the eye lice, the edges of the nose and neck. this ad is listed with integrated integration systems
Nascita Foundation & Contour Set
nascita bronzy glow 3 foundation and contour set nasbronzset1 oval concealer brush:IT is used to apply powder and liquid-based concealer products to narrow areas of the face. It is ideal to minimize redness, stains and color inequalities under the eyes and on the face. mini make-up sponge:you can apply make-up products such as foundation, blush and concealer with the pointed part of the sponge to sensitive areas such as the edge of the nose, around the neckline, and to all facial lines with its round part.
Perforated foundation brush nasbrush0152
The perforated foundation brush is used for liquid foundation application. You can apply several liquid products you use to your skin by adding them to the hole part of the brush at the same time.     It is a foundation brush designed for easy application to every part of the face.     Brush bristles are produced from synthetic bristles against bacterial growth during use.     It is used to apply liquid foundations to large surfaces of the skin.
Nascita Blending Eyeshadow Brush 0207
It is a headlight brush that helps to apply different eye shadows to the eyelid.It is a thin brush.Its dimensions are suitable for reaching around the eyes, eyelids and folds.It helps to apply the headlight homogeneously as desired.It allows the headlights of different colors to blend together well.
Nascita oval Lip Brush - 227
By determining the lip contour, it allows the product to spread homogeneously on the lip.     It is ideal to prevent the lipstick from overflowing from the lip line while applying it.     It is used in controlled lipstick applications.     With its stylish appearance, it will be one of your indispensable make-up products in a short time.
Nascita Bronzy Glow Spoon Makeup Brush0225
It is used for applying powder-based products such as blush and bronzer to narrow areas of the face.The large oval Bronzy Glow blush brush from Nascita combines quality with luxury, for an impeccable make-up. Soft brushes, perfectly balanced, are ideal for applying powder makeup products, especially for the cheek area, due to the shape perfectly adapted to the contours of the face