The formula specially developed for sensitive, dry and brittle nails contains strengthening and caring ingredients.The vitamin B5 in the composition moisturizes the nail surface, making it healthy, and the vitamin C nourishes and helps prevent brittle nails.You can apply it alone or under your nail polish.Has a vegan composition.
Topface NAIL THERAPY Ridge Eraser
The nail polish formula is designed to smooth out roughness and imperfections on the nail surface.Helps prevent yellowing and splitting of the nails. The vitamin E in the composition nourishes the nail surface.The pink and opaque texture gives the nails a neat appearance and a silky finish.You can use it alone or under your nail polish. Has a vegan composition.

It comes with matting microparticles in the polish.
It gives any colored nail polish an attractive matte finish. 
A thin layer of coating over the colored varnish protects it from fading. 
It has a specially formulated formula that provides a smooth, velvety effect on the nails.
Topface NAIL THERAPY Extra Shiny Days
It has a highly effective formula designed to provide extra protection and the perfect shine for an attractive look.It can be applied as a stand-alone product.When applied over colored varnish, it speeds up drying time.Helps protect against damage and chipping, prolongs durability, making the varnish color more expressive.It has a vegan composition.