Topface Lip Brush – pt901-f17

Product description

Having the perfect makeup applicator in your collection is very important, especially if you are particular about adding a professional touch to your makeup look. Lip Brush, a makeup application tool, is a long, thin pencil-like wand with soft bristles at the end that typically form a tapered point. It is used to apply a lipstick or a lip gloss evenly on to the lips.

While satin finish texture provides glitter on your lips without leaving stickiness feeling, it provides a vibrant look. Jojoba and Macadamia Oil in its content help recovery of the moisture needed by the lips and soften them. There are attractive 15 color alternatives.

How to Apply

You may apply it alone directly for a shining and transparent look or you may gain a vibrant and prominent look on your lips by applying on your lipstick.


While Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E in its formula moisturize your lips, they make you have a smooth look. Creamy structure and intense color pigments provide concealing at a time. It does not cause scattering and smudging. It is easily applied by its specially designed practical applicator. It provides matte and permanent look with up to 12 hours permanent effect without the feeling of dryness on your lips
Dermotologically tested. 

topface INSTYLE Creamy lipstick with moringa oil

 It provides satin silky finish by means of Moringa Oil moisturizing the lips and helping to gain softness. It provides natural shiny look on your lips without filling in the thin lines and leaving stickiness feeling.  There 16 color alternatives suitable for day and night make-up.

How to Apply

You may apply it on your lips directly or by the help of a brush.  You may use lip pencil in order to have a more prominent look.

Topface INSTYLE MATTE lipstick

While Coconut Oil in its content helps moisturizing and nourishing the lips, soft structure provides easy application comfort. It provides perfect covering on your lips without filling thin lines with its maximum color pigmentation. It presents 17 trend color alternatives with powder matte formula appropriate for day and night make-up.
Dermatologically tested.

How to Apply

You may apply it on your lips directly or by the help of a brush. You may use lip pencil in order to have a more prominent look.

Topface sensitive Stylo lipstick 001

The ultra creamy texture and high color pigment, it provides full coverage to your lips in one go. Its squalen oil deeply moisturizes your lips and helps to care for fine lines. It is suitable for use on dry and sensitive lips.
Contains vegan content.
It has not been tested on animals.
Dermatologically tested.

Hean- lip gloss star glow 09 broadway
Wet-look shiny lip elixir, plumps the lips and adds an elegant, lustrous shine. Innovative nourishing formula with natural waxes, resins and macadamia oil soothes the lips, makes them smoother and keeps the skin hydrated by sealing in moisture. As the lip gloss slowly wears off throughout the day it maintains a moisturizing protective layer over the lips. Formula with waxes and resins ensures great adhesion to the lips, protects them from drying-out during summer heat as well as in the winter.
HEAN LUXURY Cashmere Lipstick
Cashmere, intense color from the fairst stroke.Lipstick with a satin finish in 12 TOP COLORS.Apricot butter and vitamin E create a rich creamy formula. The lipstick gives intense color from the first stroke.A long-lasting formula with a pleasant scent.✓ Satin finish,✓ Intense pigmentation,✓ Long-lasting formula,✓ Nourishing apricot butter and vitamin E.4,5g
Mattense Lipstick offers a creamy matte finish and strong coverage!Provides deep, long-lasting color that stays on the lips - long-lasting matte effect.The formula is smudge-proof, abrasion-resistant and won't roll off.High quantity of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients provide care and protection for the lips.Contains beneficial substances that prevent chapped lips:- nourishing castor oil,- Shea butter,- Oil of limmanthes,- Carnauba wax.
Topface waterproof lip liner pen:
Topface lip liner is ideal for defining and filling lips with long-lasting color.
Its soft creamy texture is waterproof, easy to apply and does not leave a feeling of dryness.
You can use it as a lip liner alone or with lipstick to enhance its color.
Perfect for a rich lip look.
HEAN Water Drop Lip Gloss Gel 50
Effect:lightening, smoothing, with particlesContent:5gSuitable for vegans:NoSmoothing lip gloss with a shimmering caramel effect.The gel base perfectly exposes the particles and enhances their precious, diamond-like shine. The ultra-light texture gives the effect of wet lips, intensely shines them and gives them a unique shine. Enriched with a coconut scent.