Topface Eyeshadow Brush – pt901-f11
Top Face Eyeshadow Brush:
Topface eyeshadow brush is designed with short, flat bristles for perfect application of color on the eyelid
Suitable for integrating eye shadows inside the eyelid, whether it is powder or cream, or for using it to put light on the brow bone.
This professional brush is easy to use and of high quality to show your eyes with perfect eye shadow.
Gives you a clean eye make-up like no other
topface Shading Brush - f12
TopFace Shading Brush:
It is designed for eye makeup applications with its short and flat brush structure 
It allows you to shade apply cream or powder eyeshadow along with with the lash line.
This professional quality makeup brush pick product nicely and blend it all seamlessly.
Leaves you with a flawless finish.
Topface FOCUS POINT Concealer Pen Vanilla 05

 It helps to conceal regional defects in the skin and dark color circle look. While Vitamin E in its formula helps for silky and smooth expression by protecting skin structure, your skin reaches a more moisturizing, illuminting and lively look with Squalane. It provides velvety, matte finish by its mid to high increasing concealing.

Topface SKIN-EDITOR Visible age Reset Concealer pt466-009

While it conceals dark color circles by means of its excellent concealing capabilities, it gives an illuminating and refreshed look on the skin all day long. Its special formula controlling the glow provides a matte finish to your skin. Vegetable taurine and enriched content help moisturizing eye contour and minimizing thin line look. It protects day long permanence by means of its perfect formula and color alternatives appropriate for each skin tone.
Dermatologically tested. 


It helps applying care on your eyelash ends by the moisturizing characteristic of Vitamin E in its content. It provides fast and easy application by means of its specil silicone end applicator. Its formula including intense carbon black pigments presents a permanent matte look all day long. 

How to Apply

 You may make application by thin end silicone brush applicator in its content.


While Vitamin E in its content helps moiturizing the eyelash ends, metallic and shiny colors provide making different make-up combinations. Specially designed formula with no smudging and pouring protects permanence all day long.

How to Apply

You may draw a thin line from tear trought to the end of eyelid with its thin end silicone applicator included within it and you may thicken it in the form you desire.


Intense black pigmented texture provides you to have more black, more volume and more curled eyelashes at a single time.  Silicone brush specially developed for thin and short eyelashes to look longer wraps even the shortest eyelash from root to end without aggregating  in the eyelashes. You may apply the edge part of the brush in lower eyelashes, thus you may have a more prominent look. It preserves its permanence all day long.

Topface instyle rich curl mascara extra black PT312The specially designed curved brush perfectly applies mascara to your lashes for a three-dimensional effect. The inner part of the brush envelops the lashes from base to tip and captures even the shortest lashes for added depth to your look. The eyelashes become more curved, fuller and longer. The creamy formula ensures a soft and comfortable application without causing heaviness. Jojoba oil in the composition will strengthen the eyelashes.
Topface iNSTYLE Black Gel Eyeliner 001

 It provides easy application with creamy structure, soft texture and practical applicator. Intense color feature enables drawing sharp lines. While Argan oil in its rich content helps moisturizing, Sweet Almond Oil helps eyelash ends look more lively by feeding.  It protects its permanence all day long without pouring and smudging by means of its feature resistant to sweating, humidity and water. 
Dermotologically tested.

Topface PROPALETTE Eyeshadow pt501R.017K

  While preventing accumulations on the eyelid with moisturizing feature of Vitamin E within its content, enriched color intense icreases permanence of your make-up. It provides you have deeper looks in the eyes with shadow games. Color options adopted both to day and night provide perfect make-up alternatives.

HEAN Camouflage Concealer Pro Contour ConcealerAwaken your eyes with HEAN Camouflage Concealer Pro Contour high coverage concealer.Camouflage Concealer Pro Contour features a highly pigmented, high-performance formula.It helps conceal dark circles and imperfections on the skin, without marking fine lines and wrinkles.Its formula, enriched with apricot butter and shea butter oils, moisturizes the skin. Ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes, this concealer will allow you to obtain an optimal result.Equipped with an applicator with a beveled tip, it is easy to use, and can access the delicate parts of the face with ease.Capacity:6.5 ml
 HEAN NATALIEBEAUTYY EYESHADOW PALETTE Palette of 12 eye shadows. The palette was created in cooperation with famous Youtuber and make-up artist Natalia Makowska - NatalieBeautyyy. It contains as many as 12 shadows which will allow you to create a complete makeup. Shadows have matte and shiny finish, they are characterized by high level of pigmentation.
Liquid-gel eyeliner with a fine brush to create an intense eyeliner look. Easily create thin lines. Quick-drying formula with ultra long-wearing black pigments.Blends with eye shadows or loose pigments to create a long-wearing, colorful eyeliner look.Color:carbon black Ultra-fine brushFormula:liquid gel