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ARDAP Fogger Anti-nuisibles Spray Pack of 2 100 ml
Quiko ARDAP FoggerVermin nebulizer for pest and flea control, as well as their eggs, larvae and pupae up to 6 months - nebulises the environment with just one push of a button.The Ardap Fogger reliably helps against all types of flies, two-winged birds and other insects such as fleas, ticks, mites, lice, cockroaches, moths, spiders, etc.For use in dovecotes, bird rooms, animal shelters, household, trade and agriculture, etc.The ARDAP Fogger contains the active ingredients permethrin and pyriproxifene as well as piperonyl butoxide as a synergist.    
Vit e selenium 500ml

Red Animals has developed a mix of vitamins based on vitamin E and selenium. Its high quality guarantees a strong antioxidant effect that also increases fertility. Use for 2 weeks prior to covering, as well as twice a week during foal growth.
Dosage:5 ml per litre of water of 10 ml per kg of feed.

Quiko VITAMIN E For Birds 140 g
 Quiko vitamin E 140g is a high quality vitamin for optimal fertilization in all birds . The high content of vitamin E is the performance improvement and has a postive effect on metabolism in general. The particular positive qualities on the muscular and nervous system protects against infectious diseases and works extremely positive on fertility in your birds. Unfertilized or dead eggs and mortality of young birds are often the cause of a lack of vitamin E . Give Quiko Vitamin E stimulates the production of hormones that ensure optimum fertilization and facilitates the breeding of young birds. This ultimately results in successful breeding.   
Quiko VITAMIN E For Birds 70g
Vitamin E in the form of a soluble powder that can be administered with drinking water or eggfood. It is the basis of the health of all birds and helps to protect and build cells. It gives long-term benefits and effectively affects the entire metabolism, significantly increasing fertility before and during the entire breeding season. Quiko Vitamin E promotes fertilisation in ornamental birds, pigeons and chickens
Quiko VITAMIN E For Birds 200ml
 Quiko Vitamin E is a highly effective fertilization vitamin in liquid form for all cage and ornamental birds, pigeons, 200 ml     Quiko Vitamin E promotes fertilization by cage and ornamental birdsSupplementary feed for all types of ornamental birds.Vitamin E is a preparation specially tailored for fertilization and rearing.Vitamin E has a strong performance-enhancing effect.
Quiko Med liquido Anti-Bacteria Treatment 100 ml
Natural treatment against bacteria, fungi and intestinal coccidia 
Quiko Med is a natural product made from concentrated extract of oregano oil. Quiko Med can be administered in either water or breeding pasta (recommended) and its regular use prevents the development of common diseases in birds. Thanks to the action of five active substances, Quiko Med inhibits proliferation of pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli, coccidiosis, fungi, worms and streptococci, without affecting the development of beneficial intestinal flora. Furthermore, bactericidal, and fungicidal action vermicida is high, ensuring that they are not resistant strains in the treated birds.
Quiko VITAMIN E For Birds 100ml
Supplementary feed for all types of ornamental birdsVitamin E is a preparation specially tailored for fertilization and rearing.Vitamin E has a strong performance-enhancing effect.Feeding recommendation:1 teaspoon of Quiko Vitamin E per 1 liter of drinking water 3 times a week. Store in a cool and dry place.
ORNITALIA ORNIBIOTIC Pobiotic Supplement For Birds 150 g
Product features:complementary feed - probiotic feed supplement:contains live bacteria of the strain Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 10415). The use of ORNIBIOTIC leads to a reduction in digestive problems including diarrhea. Thus contributing to optimize performance, feed conversion and animal welfare.Directions for use:administer 5g of ORNIBIOTIC per kg of mash. It is particularly indicated for nestlings, for birds under stress, after important cures, during diet changes (food stress), during infectious diseases.
ORNITALIA Greg NUTRIMAN Nutritiant Supplemet For Birds 1kg
Features and composition:Suitable for hand-feeding chickens during the first days of life. Newborns need a more liquid solution, which may be weak in water during growth. Added with spirulina.Benefits:QuantityRecommended:By volume, use about two parts of water, at a temperature of 32/35 degrees, with one part of Nutriman. Stir until the solution is smooth and use with the end of a stick, the size of a target's beak. It is recommended to prepare the door fresh each time. Newborns need a more liquid solution, which may be weak in water during growth.Package:1 kg
CALSIMAX Calcuim Source For Birds 500ml

Calcimax contains calcium lactate, the most easily absorbed source of calcium for animals. Magnesium and a vitamin complex AD3E are added. Vitamin D3 is essential because it helps calcium to bind to the skeleton.
CALCIMAX improves laying, strengthens the skeleton and improves eggshell quality.
 Dose: 15ml per litre water or 30ml per kilo egg food

DIGEST Acidifier For Birds 1L
Promotes good digestion and can be used to acidify the drinking water. Also improves the quality of the drinking water. A special component of this formula is lactic acid, which will remain active even at a higher pH. This can prevent a host of problems. The droppings will always be homogeneous.DIGEST can be used 2-3 times a week year-round, and replaces other acidifiers.Dose:10 ml / litre of water.Nutritional supplement for pigeons.
SPIRULINA For Young Birds 80gr

Spirulina is a natural green algae with a protein content of more than 55%. It contains large quantities of oligo elements and amino acids. Because of its exceptional qualities Spirulina is also frequently used in the human sector. Particularly interesting for young birds and to fix colours.
Dose:1 teaspoon per kg of feed.
Nutritional supplement for ornamental birds or pigeons.

PERFORM PRO Birds Probiotics 150gr

PERFORM PRO is a unique composition of herbs, clay, yeast, essential oils and probiotics. It really does improve resistance and immunity. It ensures good intestinal flora and excellent feather condition. It is important to administer when weaning young birds (mix with METABOLYT) or after a course of antibiotics.
Dose:1 tablespoon per kilo of grain (mix with PREMIUM OIL) or per kilo of egg food.
Nutritional supplement for pigeons

MEDOX Organic Acids For Birds 250 ml
MEDOX is a very powerful natural product, composed of natural organic acids, essential oils and plants. It is recommended to give it 1 month before mating for 4-5 days. You can also give it as soon as you feel that your birds are in a delicate period, by wet weather for example, and you will immediately see the exceptional power of MEDOX.