Animals Hygiene

MEN FOR SAN Very Smooth Shampoo For Cats 300ml
top quality shampoo for cats with a very mild special formula that nourishes, softens and protects the fur, keeping it shiny and silky.  Facilitates styling and reduces static electricity during brushing process.
recommended for all types of breeds especially for frequent washing of show cats and long and dense exotic furs (angora, persian).
MEN FOR SAN Biotin Shampoo For Dogs 300ml
high quality dog shampoo, free of dyes and perfumes, with regenerative properties for the coat. Biotine or vitamin b7 belonging to the vitamin b complex helps to strengthen fine and brittle coats and improves the quality of keratin structures by regenerating and strengthening the hair roots. It prevents dry skin problems by lightening the coat and preventing seborrheic dermatitis which leads to coat loss. Frequent use of this shampoo guarantees spectacular results. This shampoo can be used frequently and is recommended for all breeds of dogs.
MEN FOR SAN Gentle Wheat Germ Shampoo For Puppies 300ml
high quality shampoo with wheat germ, a special odorless and very soft formula that does not irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. The natural surfactants in its formula produce abundant foam and better rinsing, leaving the coat soft and silky. Wheat germ as an ingredient makes the coat soft, moisturizes and prevents dryness. Due to the mildness of its ingredients, it is recommended for frequent use on puppies. Ph adapted.
POURROX Anti-Parasite Lotion For Cats
pourrox special cat indications, the lotion pourrox special cat of the laboratory phytosoft is an antiparasitic against the external parasites (ticks, fleas, mites, aoûtats, lice). Main properties of the antiparasitic lotion cat:protects your cat against external parasites, acts on the reproduction of parasites, larvae, eggs, cocoons. Slows down the proliferation of parasites in the environment, how to use:spray the product directly on the entire coat, massage lightly to penetrate a max.Mum product at the base of the hair. Spray as many times as necessary to cover the entire coat, leave on for 2 hours and wash with pourrox anti-parasite shampoo. Repeat every 3 to 5 weeks if necessary. Precautions
MEN FOR SAN Anti-Tartar Mouthwash For Dogs 300ml

additive to the drinking water of dogs and cats to maintain oral and dental hygiene. This product is very effective if used daily and prevents the appearance of dental plaque and the formation of tartar, preventing periodontal diseases. Likewise, it fights halitosis and provides healthy and fresh breath. Exclusive formula without odor or color that does not alter the properties of drinking water.
MEN FOR SAN Dogs Conditioner 300ml
Shampoo with conditioner by men for san.
Recommended for frequent use in breeds with long and curly hair
facilitates the care and untangling of knots as well as damaged hair
provides volume and shine , and repairs each follicle, providing a very intense hydration
the natural surfactants in its composition...