Go beyond the lens to see the world around you
Pan the Gimbal 90°/180°/360° to capture a 3x3 ultra-wide-angle panoramic shot in just one click.
Intelligent IS System
The IS system provides smooth stabilization to capture high quality images as you move.
Active Track
Set for automatic facial tracking with the AI Algorithms or frame the object manuallyand position the subject in the center of the frame to actively shoot real-time.
Instant App Control via Bluetooth Connection

The Gimbal will automatically connect with the mobile Bluetooth when powering up. Pressthe App Control button to access more features on the App for shooting in different settings.
JMARY KP-2234 Trépied professionnel en aluminium pour tous les appareils photo reflex numériques (noir)
Jmary KP-2234 Professional Aluminium Tripod for All DSLR Cameras (Black)

Jmary KP 2234 Professional Video Tripod has multiple section aluminium channel legs and features independent leg adjustments for extra wide stance and stability. The quick release plate platform helps in fast removal of camera from the tripod. It also has a geared centre column design and features leg tip radial. It has a folded length of 500 millimeters and comes with a 3-way pan head pin video/photo design to aid to your photography skill. The folded length is 500 millimeters with 3 way pan head pin video/photo design. 3 Leg Section, Aluminum Oval Section Material, 3-way Panhead, 2 Pin Platform, One Bubble Level, Self Levelling, Radial Tri-brace, Leg Brace with Lock, ,4.6 feet full open height, 360 degree rotation with up down technology It has a professional level bubble with Maximum Height 1400 mm, Folded Length 500 mm, Leg Diameter 26.8 mm and Weight 1160 g.