MANITOBA Carduelidi Birds Food 800g
 complete mix for ornamental birds.excellent variety of seeds with high nutritional content for goldfinches and other birds.it is an extra quality formula that can be provided throughout the year.manitoba carduelidi helps the bird maintain unbeatable health.composition:white bud, grass seed, white lettuce, chicory, black, bird seed, golden flax seed, black lettuce, sesame, red cabbage, chia, camelina, sunflower seed, poppy, night beauty, hemp seed, pine seed, cypress seed .indications of use:manage the necessary amount for 24 hours, taking care to clean the charger, clean it and, if necessary, wash it each time we fill it
KIKI Canary Birds Dry Food For Canaries 1kg
kiki complete food for canariescomposed of pistachio nuts, naked oats, black rapeseed, hemp seed, chickweed, radish, and vitamin granules. Balanced formulation to ensure the necessary contribution for the canaries throughout the year. It highlights its cleaning carried out with the most modern processes to guarantee the absence of any pathogenic microorganism. They eat everything without leaving waste in the feeder and the canaries maintain a good state of health avoiding gastrointestinal disorders. Traditional dutch formula.
MEN FOR SAN Natural Anti-insect Powder Repellent For Birds 250g
men for san natural pest repellent powder for birdsa natural direct use, repellent powder for preventive and curative treatment against all kinds of insects, thrips and mites. It contains neem extract, a natural insecticide that causes no undesirable side effects or toxicity. It contains deodorizing agents that eliminate odors. Recommended for all types of birds (canaries, parakeets, parrots and pigeons). Sprinkle the product directly on the bird for preventive anti-insect treatment. To control insects and deodorize the bird's habitat, sprinkle the product in the cage (hollow parts of poles, tray, nests, walls and corners). Ph neutral.
MANITOBA Carduelids Birds Food 800g
manitoba carduelidi is a complete mix for goldfinches and other native birds.it is a high quality, professional seed mix used by leading goldfinch breeders.suitable for all species of goldfinches:carduelis carduelis, carduelis subulata major, carduelis parva, carduelis caniceps etc.info composition of manitoba carduelidi   
MANITOBA Budgie Best Premium Birds Food 1kg
the best budgies premium is the ultimate expression of a nutritional leader in the livestock sector which is the profession of manitoba. To the already rich recipe based on the budgies best premium, 10% of japanese millet, oyster shells, and 5% of nectarmanitoba are integrated.available in:- 1kg
Nature plan Parrot Food 800 g

nature plan premium parrot food , regarding the food habits of them in nature it is designed to meet their physical and biological needs in maximum. It is packaged according to ‘’hygienic measures for food’’ , by using mix proportions having special quality and eligible cereals.
ingredients:sunflower seed, big millet, safflower, various cereals, seeds and dried fruits and nuts.
suggestion for feeding:it is suggested that you should give about 40-50g (4-5 table spoon) per each domestic animal daily.
FLY Raggio di Sole fly Egg Paste For Birds 1.5kg
egg food for granivorous birds.
th indios is a soft white egg food without colourants, with seeds. Suitable for granivorous birds:indigenous, exotic and hybrid, european spinus, south american and carduelis.
bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, seeds, sugars, milk and milk derivatives, insects, molluscs and crustaceans.
KIKI MAX menu Canary Food
delicious natural food carefully prepared with first quality seeds.it provides canaries with complete and optimal nutrition, providing all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need.it guarantees a long life full of vitality and energy.packed in a controlled atmosphere to keep its freshness and flavor intact.
without a doubt, ornitalia 800gr morbid pearl is a new concept in bird feeding. A great breadwinner during the breeding season. Mixture of oils, vitamin e, b12, k3, proteins of vegetable origin... L-lysine, biotin, magnesium, rosemary extract and many other ingredients...with this product, you can already forget about the supply of seed germs. Ideal for canaries, luganos, greenfinches, goldfinches... As well as bullfinches, black heads, exotic birds, venezuelan cardinals and similar birds.
SISAL FIBRE Nest Material For Birds 1000gr
coconut sisal jute white enhanced with a 100% natural active formula.
designed to combat the annoying and insidious red mite pests in brood.
they are totally natural fibers, carefully selected and hygienic, which make them spongy, breathable and absorbent. Sisal fiber is dust-free and parasite-free, ideal for building nests for all kinds of birds.