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SEA STAR H1280F Internal Filter

brand :sea star
type :feeding &watering supplies
sub type :aquariums
species :fish
are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery :0
is this a dangerous good or a hazardous material, substance or waste that is regulated for transportation, storage, and/or disposal? :0
RS Electrical 1506 Aquarium Internal Filter
internal filter adopts high-quality reinforced plastic materials to shape the canister or shell that is very durable. High-quality stainless steel shaft is included, many filter media used inside can keep a much better filtration. Multi-level biological filtration system can cause larger filter area to make a better filtering result.The below plastic canisters or shells are detachable.
BOYU Submersible Filter SP1000B Aquarium Tank Filter Pump
suitable for water pumping, water circulation in various aquariums and sea food pools, oxygen adding for aquatics pets and filtering the breeding water;this products consists of the driving pump and bio-chemical filter. The body is made from die cast abs engineering plastics and can endure shock and rust. Made of stainless steel, the pump shaft can be used in the fresh water and sea water;the motor is sealed in the body with resin. With good water proof performance and high insulation intensi
Generic Air Pump AP-9802 Acquarium double Nozzle

brand – first caribbean marketing company (fcmc)/ jeneca
first caribbean marketing company has been in existence for over ten years and is one of the largest distributors of chinese products in the caribbean.
their mission is to continually provide customers with high quality products directly from manufacturers removing all barriers and risks.

RS Electrical Oxygen Air Pump RS390 220V
increase the oxygen in the aquarium.with low power consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life, stable pump with double head pump, there are two vents, which can supply oxygen to two aquariums at the same timeaquarium air pump with light, fashionable and convenient functions.this pump is high performance, large volume, which is ideal for small and medium size fish tanks and oxygen. It is perfectly suitable for use in all kinds of high quality aquarium, aquaculture oxygenation, beak decoration, etc.
SEA STAR Submersible Filter H300l
the sea star hx188f internal filter is fully submersible. It is attached to the inner glass pane of the aquarium by four suction cups. The filter sponge, which is located in the end cover of the filter, is easily cleaned under a strong stream of water.the filter should be cleaned with the filter completely disconnected from the mains. With proper care and safety, the filter will last a long and productive life.
BOYU AC500 Activated Carbon 500 g

works faster and better and longer than the rest
eliminates foul odours, unsightly discoloration and harmful organic substances
can quickly and effectively remove harmful in the aquarium water quality substances, odour, heavy metals, purification and softening of the effectiveness of water quality